>>  Subject: CO2 reactor <<


 I use a very simple CO2 reactor that wastes no CO2 in my tanks.  I attach the
fat end of a gravel vac to the outflow of my canister filter so that the water
flows down into the wider tube.  Then I bubble the CO2 in from the bottom with
a piece of rigid airline tubing bent into a "J".  The bubbles are tumbled
within the wide tube, and dissolve completely.  There is no gas buildup in the
top of the chamber, and no bubbles escape.

 Subject: Aponogeton madagascariensis propagation


 >> Karen, do you use CO2 in your paludariums? <<

 No I do not, for a couple of reasons.  First, when I set up the paludarium,
my experience with CO2 was very limited, and I thought that the waterfall in
the paludarium would drive off the CO2 as fast as I put it in. I no longer
think this is the case, but haven't gotten around to spending another $100 for
a 3rd CO2 set-up. (My tanks are spread out around the house)  Finally, I'm not
sure I would want a lot of very fast growing plants in this tank.  I think of
the weeding I have to do in my
 "high-tech" tanks.  My paludarium's water section is only about 12" deep, and
holds about 18G of water.  Even without CO2, and using just slow growing Java
Ferns, A. nana, and Crypts, it's pretty packed with plants.<g>

 >>  Anybody raised Aponogetons from seed? <<

 Yes, but not madagascariensis.  Mine were crispus hybrids. They just did
their own thing, but the tank had no large fish to disturb the seedlings, and
I was very careful not to get near them with a gravel vac.  They are very
loosely rooted in the beginning weeks.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 17-May-1995