Re: Types of CO2 reactors


The Dupla type S reactor I have is a little different concept. With it, 
the water goes through the CO2, not the CO2 through the water :-)

Imagine it as a plexiglas cylinder, about 25cm in height and 6cm in diameter.
It is filled with the small type of Dupla Bioballs. Actually, a miniature 
trickle filter. Both CO2 and water (from a pump) go in through the top. 
Initially, the cylinder is filled with water  completly, but as more CO2 
gets injected, the water level in the cylinder drops and the water 
trickles through a pure CO2 atmosphere. The water goes out at the bottom 
of the cylinder. Should be faily easy to DIY.
Disadvantage: some gases other than CO2 which might be present in the CO2 
source can't escape and will eventually accumulate if they are not 
readily water soluble. So the cylinder will have to be flushed from time 
to time. Expensive.