Re:Cover, Re:Acid Buffer, Anaerobic bacteria in Bubble Counter?

>Steve in a prior issue mentioned glass covers between the tank and
>the light bulb.  Let me just give you a quick warning here that glass
>works as an Ultra Violet filter.  Personally I have had much better results
>with plexi-glass covers.

Wright Huntley did some really good work on gover glass evaluation.  He found 
that Pyrex and StarLite beat everything else he tested.  StarLite was much less 
expensive.  Wright, is your cover glass article on the web?

Re: Acid Buffer

>How can I increase the KH and CO2 now?  I don't really want to raise the
>pH though - or is this going to be unavoidable?  My tap water has pH 8.2
>and approx. 20 dGH and dKH (350 ppm CaCO3) so I use de-ionized water for
>my water changes.

Hmmmm...  If you raise both in the proper amounts, you will keep the pH level.  
You may need to add another CO2 generator or increase the amount of yeast in 
yours to increase CO2 unless you can just go to a more efficient reactor setup. 
 You can raise KH with baking soda or calcium bicarbonate.  The latter will 
also raise GH, I think.

Anaerobic bacteria in Bubble Counter?

I built a bubble counter for my CO2 system at the same time I mixed up the 
yeast grenade (long story, Erik said it'll be in the Krib soon) and have 
noticed something interesting (at least to me).  The input end of the tube has 
a black tinge on the inside as far up as the water gets pushed by back-pressure 
from my reactor.  Is this an anaerobic spot in my CO2 system?  Am I about to 
regret the bubble counter?   

Bubble counter: In-> -|-|- <-Out
                    |     |

Also, does anyone here run a denitrator? (I think George does.)  Any comments 
on how well it works and what effect it has on the plants?

David W. Webb
dwebb at ti_com