Re: Grow & Show

>From: pevad at islandnet_com (Paul Evad)
>I was looking at flourescent fixtures, but the only ones I could find are
>very ugly. So the guy at the store suggested some Grow & Show spotlights.
>Has anyone used these? are they worth looking into? How many would I need?

You mean the Grow & Show incandescent bulb or the fluorescent bulb ?
I tried both. The incandescent bulb produced yellowish color which makes the
tank looks strange. The fluorescent bulb makes the tank look dim.

As far as the effect on the plant, both did not produce enough intensity for
my plants (especially the riccia that is tied on the rock). The Riccia did not
produce O2 bubbles with those two lights. When I replaced it with Vita-lite,
they started producing bubbles again.