Fresh Lighting

I spent a lot of money yesterday and netted an Ultra Tri-Lux bulb (along with 
some fish food, an issue of TFH, and some Java Moss and Fern).

I installed the bulb in my 4' shop-light hood to replace the last of my GE 
aquatic plant bulbs.  I replaced the other bulb a month ago with a GE Daylight 
that made my tank look green.  

WOW what an aesthetic difference.  Everything now has a bluish hue to it.  My 
black angels kind of look navy.  My cardinals show brilliantly.  Unfortunately, 
my rams don't show quite as well under this light.  I'll wait a month and use 
up some store credit on a Triton (Hopefully, I'll have my free-standing hood 
done by then... Wish I had free time...).

I hope my crypts don't melt.

David W. Webb
dwebb at ti_com
(I wish my mail reader were more easily configurable to use different taglines 
for different email addresses).