CO2 and open tanks (was Re:Growing conditions for plants and...)

>So what I'll do next is try to lower the pH a little. The reason why I 
>initially aimed for 7.3 and only about 15 mg/l of CO/2 was some concern
>about how long the 1500g CO2 bottle would last. In this big tank (open) 
>it's really bubbling away! The rate in the bubble counter is just about 
>too fast to count and the valve is open at least three fourths of the time.

I have found on my tank that opening it up has a pretty big effect on the CO2 
retention.  My a.crispus are currently flowering, so I have the top of the tank 
open on one side.  Since I've done this, my pH has gone up from ~7.0 to ~7.5, 
using two yeast generators.  It might be time for me to go with a more 
efficient CO2 reactor design.

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