rec.aquaria reorg

Just to wrap this up, from the discussion and from reading your
efficient archiving system I'm under the impression that there is a
consensus for an unmoderated rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants newsgroup.
That being the case, it will be on the list of specialty groups to
be voted on either with the basic split (.freshwater, .marine,
.marketplace, etc.) or afterwards (if there is a lot of complaints
about creating all the groups at once).  Either way, if there is a
large mailing list behind it it should be pretty easy to pass.

I'll unsubscribe after waiting a bit for any replies, but I can
always be reached at laurence at alice_caltech.edu .  I don't think
I've gotten any idea of how many people here are here, or if I did
I've lost it.  I'd like to put this in the RFD as part of the
demonstration of the size of the internet aquarium hobby.  Shaji,
maybe you could tell me about how many people are on the list?