Re:Growing conditions for plants and algae

> From: Michael Irlbeck <u7211aa at sunmail_lrz-muenchen.de>
> Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 14:12:52 +0200 (MET DST)
> Subject: Re:Growing conditions for plants and algae
> The algae problem continues. It's not really severe, but enough to keep me
> alert. To objectify: I have to remove the green algae coat from the front
> and side glass screens every other day to maintain a pleasant 'look'. 

That's a lot of algae and in my experiences that much can be detrimental
to the plants esp. the Madagascar lace plant, Bacopa and all but the Hygrophila
which is able to outgrow the algae.

> So what I'll do next is try to lower the pH a little. The reason why I 
> initially aimed for 7.3 and only about 15 mg/l of CO/2 was some concern
> about how long the 1500g CO2 bottle would last. In this big tank (open) 
> it's really bubbling away! The rate in the bubble counter is just about 
> too fast to count and the valve is open at least three fourths of the time.

(IMHO) You need a way to dissolve that CO2 better. one bubble / 1-5 seconds should
be sufficient if it's dissolving efficiently. Mine collects in the top of the U shaped
whisper power filter until enough is there to be sucked into the pump impeller.
The pump impeller creates zillions of tiny bubbles and miniature highly turbulent
whirlpool which helps it dissolve better. Additionally there is the plastic cover 
over the whisper filter and my glass tops which probably help retain CO2 even 
in gaseous form. I use minimal turbulence in my tank however what I know of
A. madagascariensis in the wild indicates that it grows in streams and thus may 
like more flow. Any comments on water flow being good/bad for plants? 
No doubt a healthy stream flow provides continuous nutrients and oxygen
to the substrate. How the heck do you put a stream in an aquarium!? :-)

How easy is it to fit the adapters from the commercial CO2 systems onto the larger
tanks? I was told by the retailer "No problem!" but ....