Re: Lighting intensities; single vs. multiple bulbs

> From: Mark Wickersham <mwickers at minerva_cis.yale.edu>
>  (I am stuck with 
> my single-bulb strip light that fits my Perfecto hood which I purchased 
> well before I discovered that plants were not as difficult as unearthing 
> the holy grail.) 
I started out the hobby raising Bettas and Gouramis so I always had glass covers
for my tanks. Use of glass covers also reduces the amount of humidity that the 
lighting fixtures are exposed to and I use the shop-light variety in a home built
wood top. Depending on the size of your tank, the glass covers are probably
cheaper than an expensive HO bulb but you still would need to get another
short fixture since I think your tank is about 30". I like 4' tanks too. ;=)