More on E.tenellus; [blank]-Glo bulbs?

1) I read in B. James that lighting for e.tenellus is "Not critical" (one 
of the least descriptive terms he uses), but in several other references 
in a local shop I read that, as a "lawn" plant, it requires "strong 
illumination."  My 24", 20W Biolume does well for Java Fern and, I hope, 
c.wendtii and a.nana, but will that be enough for e.tenellus?

2) The shopkeeper with whom I discussed the above discrepancy in 
references claimed that I could vastly improve my lighting performance by 
purchasing a Life-Glo bulb: 20W, 24", but it has 240 Lux!  Biolume, in 
comparison, apparently only gives 80 lux.  Am I missing something?  He 
maintains that in his 30g tank (same as mine, 36x15x12), his high-light 
plants grow like crazy with this bulb.  The same manufacturer offers 
Sun-Glo, Power-Glo, Marine-Glo, and Aqua-Glo.  The Life-Glo, though, has 
by far the highest lux.  It has a painted(?)-in reflector that only 
allows light to exit out the side pointed, obviously, towards the tank.  
It also happens to be only 1" diameter.  Do you have any experience with 
this bulb?  Pet Warehouse's catalog only offers the Marine-Glo and 
Power-Glo bulbs, and they are only $15, versus the $22 Biolume.  MOPS 
does not sell them at all.  What do you think about them?  Are they the 
answer to my pathetic excuse for a light?