Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #65

>You may have missed the initial part of the discussion on creating a
>plant newsgroup.  Archives of the whole discussion are available at

I'll go there and look a bit, but just dealing with all these lists
is about as much as I can handle.  I don't intend to be a real
participant anyway, just toss out a few comments and try to get a
flavor for what the lists want.  I can't even hardly do that because
I see each groups comments all mixed up, so I will have to mostly
rely on whatever summaries or group decisions people decide to give
me in the end.

I've been getting flak from some people on some lists, so if what I'm
doing here is disrupting the list then I'll vanish back where I came
from.  Just trying to help make the RFD as appropriate as it can be,
and if I'm not doing that then I have no reason to continue.  And
thanks to all of you who have been giving me useful feedback; I hope
you feel that the final RFD is better for it.