>> I nuked the snails with massive,    repeated doses of Had-a-Snail(R), but
you might want to be careful    about dropping that much copper in a tank. <<

 Please keep in mind that some plants are very intolerant of copper.  A couple
that come to mind immediately are Ludwigia and Valisneria.

 Another, IMO better solution is to add some Clown Loaches to the tank.  They
are very good at snail control.

 Subject: Lillaeopsis


 >> I would really like to get hold of some of this stuff.
 I don't remember seeing it described in any of my books (can anyone provide a
picture ref.?, unless it is the same as L.novea-zelandiae) <<

 I know that the books all show L. novae-zelandae, but from what I've been
told, most (if not all) of what is sold in this country is brazilliensis.  It
looks similar enough that I'm not sure I could tell the difference.

 L. sp. "Mauritius" is fairly new, and available only from Tropica, as far as
I know.

 Lillaeopsis of one species or another is usually available commercially,
often under the name "Micro Sword" in pots. This is probably the best way to
get it, since a clump like that is easier to plant than when the plants have
spread out through the gravel in a tank.  It spreads pretty quickly, so even
if you just buy a couple of pots, and divide each into a couple of pieces, it
should fill in before too long.


 >>  However, there are two reasons why moderated group ideas often fail: <<

 I understand the difficulties, (very well, as I am in the process of becoming
a non-section leader<g> on FISHNET because of the huge time committment) but
you asked for opinions.<g>

 >> I get a menu of all the unread messages in the group (unless I
specifically ask for others), select the ones I want to read, <<

 I can do that... I still prefer not to even have to do that much.

 Subject: Riccia fluitans (Crystalwort moss) or Vesicularia dubyana?


 The leaf forms of Riccia and Java Moss are very different. Riccia is a bright
pale green, and its mass made up of numerous tiny separate plants with smooth
edges.  Java Fern is very dark "pine" green.  The leaf edges are "fluffy", and
if you can unwind it, you find that there are very long, tough strands
attached together that make up the mass.

 Re: E. tenellus,

 >>  How big does this plant get? Will it propagate quickly and densely
enough? The book indicates it might and it has a height of only 30-40mm. <<

 It stays quite short.  The leaves are a little longer than those of
Lillaeopsis, but are not as upright in habit, so the overall height is not
much different. Each individual plant looks like a tiny typical "Sword" plant.
My biggest objection is the shedding of leaves.

 You are right that Crypts spread fairly slowly.  Pigmy Chain in good
conditions spreads quite quickly.  Remember that a "lawn" is not a short-term
project no matter what plant you choose.  Plan on it taking 6-12 months to
become established, even with strong lighting, supplemental CO2 and trace
element supplementation.

 Subject: re:Newsgroup


 >> I now feel that there is a constituency for retaining the mailing list.  I
still believe a plant newsgroup should be created, and I will vote for it. <<

 I'm glad!  I would hate to see this go!  A newsgroup too would be fine.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 12-May-1995