You may have missed the initial part of the discussion on creating a
plant newsgroup.  Archives of the whole discussion are available at

On to some personal opinions.  Although I was initially in favor of
disbanding the mailing list in favor of the newsgroup, I now feel that
there is a constituency for retaining the mailing list.  I still
believe a plant newsgroup should be created, and I will vote for it.

IMO, we should not gateway this mailing list into a plant newsgroup.
If we do, the list will be susceptible to all the problems associated
with newsgroups - scams, irrelevant articles, ads, flames, etc.

I agree with Dustin that a moderated newsgroup will be difficult to
set up.  A moderator must have time to spare, a reliable network
connection, and thick skin.  The moderator should also be perceived as
fair and level-headed, and preferably have some name recognition among
the plant people on the net.  This is a tough set of requirements.