Re: Lillaeopsis sp.

Karen Randall in APD V1 #64 wrote:

>  My favorite "lawn" plant is Lillaeopsis, either brazilliensis or
> Tropica's L.  sp. "Mauritius".  Both spread quickly in fine gravel,
> and make a fine short (2-3") lawn.  the leaf blades of brazilliensis
> are flat, while those of sp.  "Mauritius" are round.  Both grow well
> in my tanks, but according to Claus Christensen of Tropica,
> sp. "Mauritius" is not as demanding as brazilliensis in regards to
> light.

I would really like to get hold of some of this stuff.  I don't
remember seeing it described in any of my books (can anyone provide a
picture ref.?, unless it is the same as L.novea-zelandiae), and I'm
sure I haven't seen it for sale.  Does DAI carry it?  Does anyone have
any extra they'd like to part with?  I don't have anything too exotic to
trade but I do have a large quantity of Rotala rotundifolia that will
have to be hacked out soon.

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