From: KB Koh <KB_Koh at ccm_ipn.intel.com>
    > I have found that many of my broad-leaves plants including a few
    > Anubias (I think - it fit the description) have holes on quite a
    > number of leaves. I also found a small snail (could be a pond snail)
    > in my tank.  ...
    > [I] have yet to see the snail eating my plants yet.  How can I
    > terminate all these uninvited guests.

    I had a 29g tank that had a bad infestation of small, round snails.
    I'm not up on snail ID, but these started out at pin-head size and got
    up to a little larger than pea-size.  Brown shells, reddish animal.
    They definitely put holes in my anubias nana -- pin holes at first,
    but growing to half-inch across.  I nuked the snails with massive,
    repeated doses of Had-a-Snail(R), but you might want to be careful
    about dropping that much copper in a tank.

    -- Keith

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