I should clarify a point about the rec.aquaria reorganization; the
newsgroup/mailing list choices are not mutually exclusive.  Some
comments I saw seemed to be under the impression that I was asking
only about shutting down the list in favor of a group.  A mailing
list can certainly be maintained eiter separately or in conjunction;
it is possible to gateway a newsgroup to a mailing list so that the
messages can be read either way.

The question for me is whether list members want a newsgroup (whatever
the arrangement for the list), and whether the list maintainer needs
to reduce their workload by moving the list to a newsgroup.  The most
persuasive argument is if the group would move completely to a
newsgroup, but even if you prefer to keep the list going as a gateway
or separately it is still very useful to know that the list desires a

This group creation thing is a pain, and I would like to basically
take care of all desired groups in one pass (or two, if we end up
holding a separate vote on the specialty groups).

Thanks for your patience, and we now return you to your regularly
scheduled mailing list.