rec.aquaria reorg

Some of you may remember that rec.aquaria agreed to split about a
year ago.  Outside committments have kept me from completing the
RFD, but is now finished.  I only need to polish it up a bit, and
in particular I need to discuss it with the mailing lists.

There are a lot more lists than I knew about, some of them probably
started since the decision to split.  For each list, I need to get
a rough idea of how many subscribers there are and how much traffic
there is on the list.  It is useful for the RFD to demonstrate the
amount of interest in aquarium-related material.

I also need to know if the members would rather have a specialty
newsgroup or if the list manager would rather create a newsgroup
because of the labor involved.  Specialty groups will go into two
main sub-hierarchies, rec.aquaria.freshwater.* and marine.* , and
can be moderated or unmoderated as the list members prefer (if it
passes the vote).

Depending on sentiments in *.aquaria, the specialty groups may
have to wait for a second split (some people would rather have a
small initial split) or something, but I should probably know what
the list sentiments are now.

I have temporarily subscribed to all lists that this messages is
being sent to so that I can skim the discussion, but I won't be
saving the messages.  It would be very useful if one person could
send me a summary of the membership, traffic, and level of desire
to move to a newsgroup for each list.  There will be just too many
messages for me to deal with properly otherwise.