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    From: "Paul W. Robertson" <robertp at h01_pgh.wec.com>
    Subject: Scavengers compatible with planted tank
    > ...
    > I have crayfish which seem to be chewing on my foxtail.
    Crayfish get plastic plants.  They will tear up most live plants,
    cutting them off at the base.
    > Any suggestions on what botom feeding scavengers, especially those
    > that may eat fish waste would be greatly appreciated.

    There are no common "scavenger" fish that live on fish waste.  Bottom
    dwellers need to be fed just like any other fish.  Sinking wafers and
    pellets of the appropriate type (general or for herbivores) work,
    though you may have to wait until the lights go out in the tank to
    use them.  Live foods like worms, and veggies for the herbivores, are
    greatly appreciated.

    From: Mark Wickersham <mwickers at minerva_cis.yale.edu>
    Subject: Java Moss planting tips?
    > I purchased some Java Moss the other day, and I planted it in the
    > normal fashion by pushing it into the gravel.  ...

    Java moss has no "up" or "down".  I just wedge clumps into rocks,
    wood, or whatever, and it grabs hold and starts to spead.  In one tank
    with just a small, bubble-operated sponge filter, I keep about a cubic
    foot of moss just sitting on the bare bottom of the middle of the
    tank.  The blob of moss just keeps getting bigger.  If there's current
    in the tank, you can use black or green cotton thread to tie the moss
    to something.  By the time the thread rots away the moss will probably
    have secured itself.

    -- Keith

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