> From: "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <bhaskar at bnr_ca>

> What do you think about converting the mailing list into a regular
> newsgroup called rec.aquaria.plants?  We currently have almost 200
> subscribers, and if build a consensus and vote in significant numbers,
> we can pretty much decide the outcome of any vote on rec.aquaria.plants.

> The down side:
> 1. People who have email, but no access to news, might not be able to
>    participate
> 2. You will see some MAKE.MONEY.FAST scams :-)

2a. and volumes of inane postings  (like mine right now!)
2b. and flames (like the replies to this posting if it were on a newsgroup)

> Well, what do you think?

I would certainly vote for it, just because you shouldn't have to spend 
your work time maintaining the list.  But this is a good group of people
here; I'd hate to see it diluted with newsgroup dreck.

  - Erik

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