Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #59

> From: "James P. Raasch" <jraasch at omnifest_uwm.edu>
> Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 08:43:35 -0500
> Subject: Re:CO2 test kits
> I have tested the following water samples with a Tetra CO2 test and got
> identical results: water from an aquarium which has CO2 injected at a rate of
> about one bubble (standard airline) per three seconds in a 55 gallon tank; a
> bucket of java fern (no fish, dim light for a month); and Milwaukee City tap
> water. All readings were at 15 ppm+. Should this be so? Are there any other
> test kits you recommend? I have measured hardness with aquarium pharm kit, but
> am not sure if it is measuring total hardness or DH. Can anyone help?
Well, what I use is Tetras GH & KH tests from their laborette kit - corresponds
to my local tap water readings according to local supply company & decreased
when I added de-ionized water in the right %'s and increased in KH when I 
added CO2.  For CO2 measurements I use the LaMotte test kit & this pretty
much corresponds to the values it should be when using pH & KH to estimate it
from the table in the water FAQ in the /pub/aquaria files at ftp.cco.caltech.edu 
- I decided to get a good CO2 kit cause I couldn't find a good pH kit!

Anyway, these kits work well for me.