DAI Plant Tablets

David, I also have had great success keeping swords and cryps in the same
tank--of course the c. wendtii and affins have turned into mutated gargantuan
plants which are 11" tall with about 50 leaves each....but I find them quite
elegant and attractive in this form.

The CO2 and oversupply of light seems to suit them just fine.  C. Blassi
aren't as fond of the highlight...but then again, I have too darn much light
in the center of the tank where they are--a couple nymphaea covering the
surface should improve that situation.

I have a question about cryptocoryne maintenance...do you tug the
cryptocorynes up a little bit if and when their crowns start to get burried
by the gravel?  I think my doing this keeps the plant healthy, but may be
inhitibiting their propagation--I see lots of the new nodules growing from
the base of the plant, but they are a couple mm off the ground.  How rapidly
do your cryptocorynes spread out--sideways?

I just bought a red mellon sword (e. osiris x red) and with the 40 watt
halogen flood light shining on it, I've got the most brilliant red color out
of it--it's quite amazing.  

Has anyone heard about the availability of the new strain of e. osiris
black--the black swords?  It's some new cross strain they developed in the
Netherlands.  I'd be very interested in buying one.