RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #57

>> 	Anyone know where I can get good plants?
>> 	I hurd there wassumthing in Delaware...phone number???
>Just to let you know, that in my one & only order from That Fish Place, my
>plants looked pretty straggley too (they arrived within a week though) &
>I was missing some, but they were excellent in customer service & removing
>charges on the ones I didn't recieve.  The plants ended up being very hardy
>& survived & flourished.  So my advice is go ahead & plant them all, you
>should see some growth pretty soon & definetely call & tell them about the
>ones that were missing.

I ordered plants a few years ago from Delaware Aquatic Imports and some
looked great on arrival, others looked pretty crummy, but they all started
growing wonderfully right away.  I would buy from him again (& plan to after
I move this fall).