DAI plant tablets - the formula

I know Mike for a long time, and he is a nice guy. But I wish that he 
would be more honest about his plant tablets. His ad says they contain 
iron and magnesium for root growth. I once asked him about the 
ingredients and he said that they also contained Mn. I assumed that was all.

Then, Diana Walstad's article in TAG mentions that DAI tablets 
contain N,P,K, Fe and Mg (but no Mn).

So, when I saw Mike in March I asked him.  He was pretty coy and said 
something about a family secret.  So, I had the tablets tested!

The elemental concentrations (as percent of total tablet) are as follows:
N  14.4 
P   7
K  17.3
Ca  .07
Mg  .15
S    0
Fe  .19
Mn  .003
Zn  .01
Cu  .008
B   .03
Cl  .13
Na  .9

(So much for the family secret!)

BTW, the tablets weigh 0.75 gms  The sample I submitted for analysis was 
1 tablet dissolve in 1 
liter of distilled water (purchased at grocery store). So, one perhaps 
important assumption is the I did in fact have distilled water :-)