DAI Plant Tablets


 I have used DAI plant tablets in my tanks for several years, and have been
happy with the results I've seen. BUT, someone I know on FISHNET recently
dissolved a tablet in 10 gallons of water (the recommended dosage rate) and
tested for nitrate and phosphate.  The levels of both were quite high.  I had
been lead to believe that they were mostly an iron/magnesium supplement.

 Since I have very low levels (can't measure them even with low range test
kits) of both phosphate and nitrate, my conclusion is that in my tanks, my
plants are actually deficient in these nutrients, and that's why I saw the
improvement I did when I added the tablets.  I would be _very_ careful using
these tablets under low growth conditions or in a tank heavily stocked with
fish.  I think you might run into algae problems.
  >> Subject: Crypts and lights <<


 I keep both Crypts and Swords in the same brightly lit tanks without
problems.  My 55G tank has 120W, and my 70G has 200W.  The Crypts are large
and healthy in both tanks. I keep C. blassii, 2 different varieties of
wendtii, retrospiralis, pontederifolia, becketti and affinis.  The photo
period for both tanks is 12 hours daily, and both tanks are supplemented with
CO2 and trace elements.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 06-May-1995