Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #48

> Aquatic Plants Digest       Wednesday, 3 May 1995       Volume 01 : Number 048
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> 	Do you vacuum? Do you peat/soil?
> 	Baltimore Plant Source
> Subject: Baltimore Plant Source
> That Fish Place is okay.  I'm happier with the stuff I bought there mail
> order than the stuff they have displayed in the tanks at the shop--however, I
> got really good prices on a few "sale" items that they had reduced in
> cost--some cryptocorynes that were stragglers--that the poor employee didn't
> know how to identify and I got at a cheap price.

	I dont knwo if Im the only one but 'That Fish Place' dissed
	me real bad. I ordered about 35 dollars worth of plants
	from them about 4 weeks ago. I got them yesterday...2 weeks
	late..was starting a new tank for a friend....2 weeks...
	Its dont end there....I didnt get all the plants I ordered..
	though I did get billed for all of them...the
	hygro polysperma was terrible! I have thrown out better stuff than
	the hygro polysperma they sent me.
	Looked like it had been in some dark tank for about 3 weeks
	or sumthing.
	The Corkscrew Val was all yellow with only 2-3 leaves and
	almost no roots.
	Java moss was fine...crypt was fine...
	Im gonna call them up on Monday and complain.
	Anyone know where I can get good plants?
	I hurd there wassumthing in Delaware...phone number???