Aquatic Gardeners Association

Since many new people have joined this list since the last notice about 
the Aquatic Gardeners Association (AGA), I thought I would offer this 
blurb to enlighten all of you green thumbs (or aspiring ones) :-)


The Aquatic Gardeners Association is a specialty society which deals with 
aquatic plants in home aquaria.  The group publishes a bi-monthy journal 
called _The Aquatic Gardener_.  Each issue contains 32 to 40 pages and 
covers topics such as growing conditions and techniques, biology of 
aquatic plants and member exeriences.  We even occasionally publish some 
of the good material found on *.aquaria.  Many questions are raised for 
follow-up study and evaluation. A plant and materials exchange program was 
tried, but due to lack of interest, has been temporarily shelved. (This 
can work much better with APD!)

The number of AGA members is currently around 400. 

  You can join the AGA for one year and receive 6 journals by sending $15 
(U.S currency) for the U.S./Canada/Mexico and $28.00 (U.S currency) from
elsewhere in the world, to

    Dorothy Reimer, membership
    83 Cathcart St. 
    London, Ontario
    CANADA N6C 3L9

Back issues (starting with Vol 4 no. 1 - Jan/Feb 1991)
can be obtained for $3 each from
    Diana Walstad
    2303 Mt. Sinai Rd. 
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514 USA 

One double issue is $5. And a 36-page bibliography on aquatic plants, 
ponds, water gardens, algae and seaweeds is available for $5.00 

The above prices include postage in the U.S./Canada/Mexico.  For overseas 
delivery, please add $2.00 per issue (air mail) or $2
for each 12 issues (surface mail). 

I am the editor for TAG and can assure you that our journal is formatted 
better than this message. :-)

I would be interested in knowing how many subscribers of APD are already 
members of the AGA. Does the AP list have an automated way to compile such 
data by people sending a particular message? I do not want to know badly
 enough to receive dozens (or more) personal e-mail :-)