Trade? Java Fern

Having visited all my local stores and seen their offerings and prices of 
Java Fern, I can say with confidence that I have a considerable amount of 
very high quality, snail-free J.F. available for trading.  I recently 
purchased for too much money a small specimen of A. Nana, and am pleased 
enough with it that I would like to get some more.  Because my lighting 
is so weak, 20W Biolume for the 30g long, I can't attempt anything other 
than Java Moss and Fern, and some anubias.  E-mail me at 
mwickers at minerva_cis.yale.edu if you have, say, any anubias barteri or a. 
nana, or other fun stuff that you'd like to trade for some Java Fern.

Take care.  Mark.