"Plant & Materials Listing" (fwd)


> Hi.  I got some e-mail last night from someone who was interested in 
> buying Java Fern cuttings from me, and I just read the article by Karen 
> Randell about varieties of Java Fern & would be interested in obtaining 
> cuttings myself.
> Tt got me thinking... Lots of us are probably AGA members & remember how
> the Plants & Materials listing that didn't quite work in the journal. 
> Maybe it could work here!  The turnaround time is much quicker (ie,
> immediate vs. 1-2 month lag).  What do you think?  Does posting the 
> availability of plant cuttings or "wants" for exotics sound like a good 
> use of the list?  Just to keep things cordial, if you e-mail opinions to me 
> instead of the list, I will summarize responses.
This sounds like a great idea.  I just posted some of what I have
available. Hopefully more in the future.