Plants in New Orleans, Bio & Trading

I'll be in New Orleans next week.  Are there any good pet shops which carry
a good selection of plants?  Any that you know of that carry laterite? I
can't find it locally in NJ and just haven't gotten around to mail ordering


I have been a lurker for a few weeks now so let me give you a little
background.  I currently have 1 freshwater tank 23g heavy planted with
a good variety of Hygro (reg + sunset) Val torta, java moss, Water Sprite,
Riccia, A.  Madagarensis, ludwigia, Aponegeton sp., etc.  I just started
playing around with DIY CO2.  I have about a dozen small fish.

I also have 2 reef tanks. A 10g and 29g.  I haven't seen any mention of
Marine plants so here goes.  Well actually macroalgae.  I have Calerpa
Mexicana, grap Calerpa (forgot the sceintific name), red calerpa, some
unidentifed red macro algae (no not the red slime algae) and Valonia
(although supposedly the scourge of reef tanks, I like it.)


I would be interested in trading, especially on the marine side.  I
currently have alot of excess java moss and Riccia if anyone is interested.
Within a few weeks I should have plenty of calerpa too.


Luis F. Morales