re: Plants compatible with African Cichlids

    From: Jeff Stuart
    > I'm thinking about setting up a 30L for Tanganyikan Lake cichlids,
    > and would like to include a few live plants.  ...  What type of
    > plants will be compatible with Africans?  ... special substrates
    > for growing plants probably won't be possible ...

    As many will probably tell you, anubias species will probably work.
    A.barteri nana and A.congensis can be tied to wood or rocks, or placed
    in shallow pots.  They are dark green with oval leaves and are a good
    contrast to the usual java ferns and java moss.  Their leathery texture
    will probably protect them from nibbling cichlids, and they don't need
    a lot of light.  They are available from Delaware Aquatic Imports.

    -- Keith

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