Baltimore Plant Source

That Fish Place is okay.  I'm happier with the stuff I bought there mail
order than the stuff they have displayed in the tanks at the shop--however, I
got really good prices on a few "sale" items that they had reduced in
cost--some cryptocorynes that were stragglers--that the poor employee didn't
know how to identify and I got at a cheap price.

Mike is always a good place to get plants from--but the worst thing about him
is that his identification/labeling of plants is somewhat unreliable.  His
prices are pretty good, though, and I've had some astonishingly great plants
from him.

How about the big aquariums down in Baltimore?  I know they are supposed to
have a great deal of fish--I would expect they ought to have some
considerable variety of plants, no?  By the way, do you have instructions on
how to get to the aquariums in Baltimore...I was thinking of road-tripping it
this summer to see what selection of herbivorous fish they have--i.e. unusual
var. of ottocinclus etc.

Dave. (Allentown, PA)