Plants compatible with African Cichlids

[EDITOR'S NOTE]: Jeff asked me to change this so that people would quit asking further questions about it, as he no longer works with aquariums. Hence I have removed his email address from this posting. -Mark, 7/30/97

I'm thinking about setting up a 30L for Tanganyikan Lake cichlids, and
would like to include a few live plants.  I will probably have two
fluorescent tubes (one color-enhancing and a Triton) -- with such a
shallow tank I shouldn't need more.  What type of plants will be
compatible with Africans?  Due to the nature of African cichlids (a
fondness for digging in the gravel), special substrates for growing plants
probably won't be possible, unless I stick with plants in pots.  I'm 
guessing that things like valisneria, java fern, and crypts would probably 
fair well.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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