Re: water conditions

    DAWB.DSKPO33B at DSKBGW1_ITG.ti.com (David Webb) writes:
    > Another possibility if you don't want to introduce pond water into
    > your tank:
    > If you have a de-humidifier or air conditioner, it's condensation
    > is purer than rain water (it has less distance to travel through the
    > air, so it doesn't pick up dust).  You could use it. ...

    I've read that humidifier condensation trays are incredibly rich
    breeding grounds for bacteria and all sorts of microscopic flora and
    fauna.  I wouldn't physically touch that water, much less put it in
    one of my tanks.  On the other hand, this might be just a "momily"
    or urban legend propagated with no basis in fact.  You decide.

    -- Keith

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