Re: Java Fern

>From: Erik Olson <olson at phys_washington.edu>
>PS: Hoa: I have disagree with you about Java Fern doing badly with "too
>much" light. How much light are we talking about?  I've got 160W of
>fluorescents over 45 gallons, and the Java Fern grows right up to the top
>& even out of the water (where the leaves burn up because of their
>proximity to the light). 

That's very interesting.  I have 120W of Ultra TriLux over 65 gallons, and
I noticed that the leaves developed transparent patches on the ferns at the
middle of the tank, but not those at the ends.  But occasionally, if I leave
the window blinds open and sunlight shines on the ones at the end, I'd
notice the transparent patches the next day also.  This effect is also
mentioned in Barry James' "A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants," which
also says that the plant grows best in subdued light (the Baensch Atlas just
says it requires minimal light).  I wonder if this effect is tied in with a
lack or surplus of some other nutrient.