water conditions

Hi Folks:
       I've been subscribed to this list for about two weeks and find it to
be a   wonderful source of valuable information and inspiration. For the
first time in nearly ten years I have setup an aquarium and really do find
the recent technological advances both fascinating  and complex.  I live in
a rural setting on Canada's Vancouver Island and to date supply my aquarium
with rain water collected off a cedar shake roof. We are in a rain shadow
and with the warmer weather coming I fear my water source must soon come
from elsewhere. Our well water is quite hard and alkaline and really tends
to fluctuate in nature. Reverse Osmosis is a little beyond my financial
reach at present. There is however a pond on the property that supports
trout and all sorts of aquatic life and vegatation. The water conditions
seem to approximate those of my aquarium.
    1. When using rain water should I be worried about adding trace
elements or
       checking for anything?
    2. Should I use the pond water in my tank and what should I do to
    3. What other plants would be compatible in my aquarium?

    My 90 gal. is planted with Crypt Wendtii, ciliata, balansae & nevilli
and is lightly stocked with several species of tetras and a couple of
plecos. All seem to be doing well.  PH is 6.9-7.0, water hardness 50ppm,
Ammonia & nitrites 0.
   Any suggestions or advice gratefully received.
        Many thanks in advance    John Cochran
                                 Saanichton, B.C.

John Cochran
 jcochran at pinc_com