Forms of Java Fern

Are there more than 4 forms/varieties of Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus)? 

  Karen Randall mentioned that she knows of 4 varieties and has all of
them growing in her tanks.  Two are the new Tropica hybrids (Windev v' and
Tropica,');  the third is a "small" variety and the last is the large
variety, which given adequate light and conditions will produce 12"+
leaves (some of which are trilobite).  Until 9 months ago, I did not know
that such a large form existed.

  I have been growing a small broad leaf form for over 10 years, but just 
acquired another small' form, this one with narrow leaves. So, I realize 
that some measurements are needed to be more descriptive of the different 
forms.  We should also comment on how they may change under different 
lighting or nutrient conditions.  I selected one leaf I judged to be 
typical of each of my forms and provide the measurements for others to 
comment (my ruler was marked in inches, so that is how I present my units): 

    Form of Java Fern      Lenght    width

  - small broad leaf form   7"    1.25"

  -small narrow leaf form   7"    0.6"

  -large broad leaf form   12"    1.25"

  Both of my broad leaf forms are growing with relatively bright light (280w
 fluorescent in 125gal tank). The narrow leaf had been growing in relatively
 dim light (I think 20 watts in 20 gal. tank).