Need advice on shipping Apon. mad. bulbs/plants

Peter Staehler and I are hoping to work out a plan where he can send me some of the
Aponogeton madagascariensis plants or bulbs that are available near him in Baltimore.
Unfortunately, I'm in BC Canada which is across the border. We need urgently need
advice on:
1) what are the problems about sending plants or bulbs from the US to Canada re.
customs and agriculture Canada?
2) what precautions should we take in shipping plants? if you have received plants by
mail order, how were they packaged? 
I think it might be better to send just bulbs (however they are in water right now and
sprouting leaves) The plants which are growing cost a little more but their bulbs are
much larger. Is it best to choose these and just don't worry too much if the existing
leaves don't last?
Your quick response is appreciated! Wish us luck! :^))))