Re: Flowering Aponogeton rigidifolius

> From: trigg at jane_cs.waikato.ac.nz
> Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 11:16:17
> Subject: Flowering Aponogeton rigidifolius
> I'm not sure whether to be happy or jealous, but the A.rigidifolius
> in my wifes tank has just started flowering, while the one in my
> tank is having difficulty keeping ahead of the red-death-hair algae.
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> .  There is no algae in this tank (although the water has just
> gone a bit green in the last few days).
The green algae is one of the first to colonize a tank and will inhibit other
algaes. You can remove it with a diatom filter.
> My guess is the pH that's making the difference, so I've
> been doing largeish rainwater changes the last couple of times, but
> the pH is still around 7.2 at the moment. 
Yes, pH is a large factor in what kinds of algae will grow. The question is why
does your tank have high pH when you are injecting Co2? Perhaps the problem
is carbonates in the gravel or decorative stones.