That wire source

I have created a little length chart given the resistances of the medical
electrode wires posted by Mark Wehde.  
Looks promising!

>From: "Wehde, Mark B." <MBW01 at msmail2_mayo.edu>
>Subject: RE: Heating cable source

>The company is:
     Cooner Wire
     9186 Independence
     Chatsworth, CA 91311

>They sell wire they call Miniature Electrode Wire AS 155 Series which is 
>stranded copper with a silicone rubber insulation.
>They also sell wire they call Bioflex Insulated Wire.  It can have either 
>clear non-hygroscopic fluorocarbon (FEP) or polyvinylchloride (PCV) 
>insulation.  Wire sizes range from 28 - 40 gage with nominal resistance  of 
>..066 to 1.08 ohms / foot for copper wire ...

			24V	50W=30W=12W	100W=56W=25W	12V	12V
Part #  Gage ohms/ft	30W	24V 18V	12V	24V  18V 12V	30W	50W
			1.3A	2A 1.7A	1A	4A  3.4A  2A	2.8A	4A

			-----req'd cable length in feet----------------
AS155-32  32  .170						28	17
AS155-33  33  .218				26		22	13
AS155-34  34  .272		42		21		17
AS155-36  36  .436	44	26		13		11
???	  38	   
???	  40  1.08	18	11		5.3

(The steel wire has too high of a resistance; deleted)

Looks like the best bet for constructing 24-volt cables is 40-gauge (30W),
36-38 gauge (50W), and 34-gauge (100W), scaling appropriately down
for lower voltages.  My sister lives a few blocks away from this address,
so perhaps if they're not into shipping I might get her to go pick something
up personally for me.

   - Erik

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