Re: Java Ferns

>From: HoeschB at mail_fws.gov
>Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 16:15:22 MST
>     I obtained a Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) and attached it to a 
>     piece of driftwood with a rubber band about 3 (almost 4) weeks ago.  
>     So far it is not doing anything...not dying, certainly not growing or 
>     producing new leaves.  Anyone have experience with this plant?  Do 
>     they take a long time to acclimate?  Once acclimated, how fast can 
>     they be expected to grow under good conditions (light, CO2, etc)
>     Bob Hoesch

My Java fern took a couple of months, then suddenly proliferated, first by
growing more plants from the same rhizome, then, after I divided the
rhizomes, by sprouting dozens of small plants from under the leaves.  Note
that "good conditions" for this plant means not too much light.  Too much
light and the leaves will develop transparent spots and die.  A good place
for this plant is at the ends of your aquarium, where the light is weaker.