Acquiring Madagascar plants

Yes, this has not been the easiest plant to cultivate. It would be nice if we could
hybridize it with some of the easier Aponogetons. I am located in Vancouver BC
Canada and if any of you have access to large, healthy looking specimens and are
willing to try shipping them here I'd be willing to foot the cost. I am unfamiliar
with methods of shipping live plants (by mail?) but anyone with experience please
give your advice. Wonder if it might be more expedient to contact Tropica or a
mail order plant supplier? Anyone have mail and phone numbers? I spent yesterday
calling aquarium and pet stores and suppliers but no one seems to currently have
any in Vancouver. :(

Concerning putting Apon. bulbs in the fridge: often the bulb will become soft
and spongy in the interior when the leaves die back. This is because the plant was
not able to develop a large enough root system and get the nutrients, light and
water conditions it needs to sustain vigorous growth. Algae is a severe problem
as well. I believe soft, slightly acidic water with Co2 supplementation is the
key. The literature suggests that a rich substrate is required; a sand, laterite
and powdered, composted manure with UG circulation is probably best to stimulate
root growth. The presence of other plants can also inhibit root growth so I think
the clay pot method is best. As for resting, I think clean, oxygenated water is
essential so I wouldn't put it in the fridge for more than a week. Better far to
reduce your tank temp. and lighting period for a couple weeks.

Don't give up guys! Perseverance pays off! I found the Tropica Master Grow
fertilizer to work the best (so far). When my lace plant was doing well,
I noted that it had large, white, well developed roots.