Java Fern and pronouncing Aponegeton

Hi all,

Aponogeton now is a part of my tank, but I am having trouble adding it 
to my vocabulary. Do people speaking American English use the correct 
latin pronunciation or ??????? I would appreciate a phonetic spelling 
and word on whether it has a hard or soft "g." Which syLAble(s) gets 
the emPHAsis? :-)

By the way, I can probably decode a sound file, if you want to .uue it. 
What would the reaction be to including .uue encoded JPEG files, also. 
It could make identification (and bragging) a lot more effective if we 
had a nice color picture to view. Would they eat up too much space on 
the mail list? If so, notice here as to their location could save space 
for the graphically handicapped.

Re: Java Fern,

I received a bunch of small plants in a recent trade, and have had some 
slow success with them in all but one place. My soft, warm "Amazon" 
tank put them into immediate brown-out melt-down mode. [2 dH, 81F, 6+ 

I happened to be talking to a distributor who used to manage a major 
plant distribution system. He said Java Fern was an estuarine plant 
that got some stiff doses of salt, at times. He also said Java Moss was 
similar. I certainly stopped the spread of the damage by switching the 
two plants to a cooler hard-water tank, and the plants in my sightly 
salted ultra-hard guppy/swordtail tank seem to be doing just fine.

Since this information is not in any of my aquarium or plant books, and 
is contradicted by some, I would appreciate any enlightenment that the 
folks on the mail list might provide.

My quoting Yeats was a bit too inflammatory, re: Oklahoma City, so I'm 
reverting. What those jerks never learned was the important first step.
"The first (and key) step to liberty is to be a good neighbor."