fw: Disinfecting plant tanks

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Subject: Disinfecting plant tank

Hi aqua-gurus,

I need help. I has just setup my 50 gal plant tank for two days and add 
4 black mollies (2 lyretail and 2 rounded tail type -- not sure what to 
call it). The first day they seem happy to swim around, then one 
lyretail develop some white fungus like patch on the body. I remove it 
and put in another container. On day two, the other lyretail develop 
white fungus on gill and I remove it. The other two mollies are now 
swimming fast and breathing on the surface most of the time. The first 
molly now has develop what I believe as parasite and the fins are 

Now my question: Can I disinfect/treat the tank with all the plants in 
it? What sort of medication is recommended for disinfection and curing 
the tank and fish? 

I have a Triton, a Penn-plax Aquari-lux and a Philip super daylight 
bulbs for the lighting. PH is between 6.5 to 7.0, No nitrite and nitrate 
yet. Ammonia is about 0.1mg/l. Tested using Tetra Laborette. No water 
hardness test kit yet. Thank you.