Re: substrate heating cable

    >> As an alternative, where might we find some high-resistance, thickly-
    >> insulated cable like that used by Dupla and Dennerle, but without the
    >> price associated with the (100% pure unobtainium, hand-crafted by
    >> Bavarian elves) german products?
    > I believe the wire Dupla sells is similiar to a wire we use for
    > medical applications.  It is silicon coated and very flexible.  It is
    > used for electrode wire for ecg, etc.  The price is $1 or $2 per foot,
    > which makes the dupla wire fairly similiar in price.  It is more flex
    > resistant than ordinary wire, but I don't believe it is any stronger.
    > If anybody cares, I can find the name of the company that makes it.

    This looks to be very much cheaper than the Dupla cables I've seen.
    I would very much be interested in learning more about this wire.  My
    criteria would be:

      * Per-unit resistance such that 15-25 feet would provide 30-80
	watts or so at low voltage levels (9-24VDC).
      * Insulation thick enough to provide more protection than Radio
	Shack wire-wrapping wire.
      * Insulation thin enough to be flexible and give good heat
      * Stranded might be a plus -- to resist breakage.

    Please post any details you can find.  Thanks.  BTW, does anyone have
    a Dupla cable that they've not yet installed?  Perhaps they could take
    it to a local electrical supply house and ask about matching up some
    bulk wire.

    -- Keith

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