re: Madagascar lace question

>From: pstaeh at aplcomm_jhuapl.edu (Peter Staehling)
>Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 09:52:40 -0400
>Subject: Madesgasgar Lace (sp?)question
>I am relatively new keeping fresh water plants.  I have a 55 g. planted tank
>that seems to be doing well. The setup is: DIY yeast CO2, single tube tritons,
>78 F., 7.1 PH, (7.4 PH before CO2), small (.125")natural gravel over a layer
>of peat moss, moderate bio load, Penquin 300 filter.  Will the Madesgasgar
>Lace plant do well under these conditions?

The Madagascar lace plant is quite hard to cultivate, and few people
are able to keep it going more than one season.  Usually, the plant is
unable to build up enough reserves of food during its growth and
flowering period.  The tuber is exhausted, and the plant dies.

>  How long of a dormancy period do they need?  How often?  Is it possible to
>rotate two plants so that one was always in the tank and one in cool storage?

Books recommend two months at around 60-65 degrees F.  You will know
when the plant goes dormant.  The growth slows down, and the leaves
become smaller.

>The local shop has some very nice specimens and I am unsure whether to make
>the plunge.

I believe that lace plants sold in the U.S. are imported.  IMO, anyone
trying to cultivate this plant should be prepared to invest a lot of
effort to make sure that he/she contributes to learning how to culture
this plant reliably.

You will probably have a lot better luck if you have already learned
how to keep the easier Aponogetons like crispus and undulatus going
from year to year.

Sorry if I sound discouraging.