Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #20

Good suggestions.  I am considering transplanting the aequidens--but they're
tiny things that I have never seen harass the plants (3").  And yes, the
sturisomas have plenty of cellulose--I have two big pieces of driftwood in
the tank.

Well, over the last week, the plants have begun to fill in nicely and I
haven't seen any new examples of anubias cannibalism--probalby because of the
increased algae growth.

Yeah, sturisomas are a lot like Farlowellas, but much much bigger...equally
stubborn, though.  You can actually pick it off the wall and move it
somewhere else in the tank because it's too lazy or terrified to swim away.
 Of course, when it wants to, it can move VERY fast and rip up just about
anything in its path...tough to keep with really delicate plants for that
reason.  I'm hoping the pair will try to breed someday.