55 gal. set up: what do you think?

Hello all,

This is a great list!  Would like your feedback on my plans for a 55 gal. 
planted tank set up. I'll start at the top and work down.

Lighting:  One shop light and one single strip light = 3X40W.  I'll 
probably put a Triton, a Sylvania daylight (has worked OK on my 30 gal.) 
Any suggestions for a third bulb?  I was thingking of an Ultralume.  What 
about the GE Chroma 50 and 75's, others?

CO2:  DIY yeast rig, on 2L fermentor to start.  I've had much better luck 
with my 30 since I upped the yeast and sugar content and hooked it to an 

Filtration:  I have a Penguin 300 sans biowheel.  I plan to put approx. 
1.5 ft from one edge.  In the other corner I would like to put a small 
power head to help eliminate 'dead spots' with no current.  I plan on a 
light to moderate stocking so for now don't see the need for larger 
capacity or more expensive filters.

Plants:  Probaly move cuttings from my 30 gal.  Currently have Val. 
gigantea, V. asiatica, Rotala indica, mellon and amazon swords, Crypts 
(which aren't reproducing, guess I'll have to buy more), java fern and 
moss, H. polysperma.  Will experiment with a few addtional plants as tank 
settles in.

Substrate: Here's a dilemma.  I currently have gravel/laterite in my 30 
gal (gravel about 2-3 mm grain size).  I was thinking of using finer 
gravel or course sand with larger grain gravel on the top.  What are your 
thoughts on sand?  
I'll avoid peat or other organics as the first time I set up my 
30 it rotted causing  tank tear down 4 months later.  Also, has anyone 
tried the Aqualine Bucshke laterite (from Pet Warehouse)?  Its cheaper 
than Dupla.  I'm origianly from Connecticut and vividily remember the 
orange clay that's found just under the forest litter.  Does anyone have 
any experienc with using temperate clays like this?  They are low 
nutrient and fairly iron rich, and what a bargain! 'Course now I live in 
MN and all they have is that awful black, rich soil with no rocks ;-)

Substrate heating:  I follow with interest the DIY posts but I do not 
have enough electrical experience to feel safe about tryng it.  I have 
heard of an alternative:  heating mats for reptiles placed under the 
bottm glass (outside)  of the aquarium.  I can get the mats in 3" 
or 12"  widths, cut to 4 ft lengths.  It costs approx $4/ft for the 3".  
I can splice in a dimmer to control the heat and supplement with a 
submersible heater.  Would this be effective in promoting a current 
through the substrate?  The salesperson assured me I would not crack the 
glass, but I am still somewhat concerned about this. Any reports on 
safety or effects on plant growth using these strips?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Paul Bucciaglia