Re: yet another unknown plant

>From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com (Stephen Pushak)
>Date: Sat, 22 Apr 95 14:21:21 PDT
>Subject: DIYS Co2 injection results + yet another unknown plant
>My two plant books show different pictures of the plant Rotala rotundifolia. 

Rotala rotundifolia has very different emersed and submerged growth
patterns.  That probably explains the differences in the pictures.
Emersed leaves are round and green, submerged leaves have more red,
and are elongated.  Emersed leaves usually are four per node, submerged
leaves can number anywhere between two and four per node.

>I have one plant which I can't classify. It's a
>smallish stem plant, very green. The stem is about 2.5 mm and tapers
>toward the tip to about 1.5 mm. The leaves are very round up to 5 mm in dia.
>and are arranged in a spiral up the plant each at about 70 degrees from the
>previous. There is no pairing of leaves. Each leaf has a short stem emerging
>from the main stalk upto 5 mm in length. There has been no branching of the
>main stalk so far but the plant is only about 7 or 8 cm. It too is showing

Cardamine lyrata?  Hydrocotyle leucocephala?  However, both these
plants are larger than the plant you describe.