AGA, Dennerle book, AP laterite

Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting to the digest, but many of you
may know me from Usenet. I have been having problems with my old Internet
account and now have a new one.  I am also the editor of The Aquatic
Gardener (TAG), so let me start off with some new information about the

  The DENNERLE book was sold out last month, but we finally decided to
reorder. The books may not be in-country for another 2-4 weeks, but those
AGA members who already sent in their orders should be getting them
shortly.  Also important is that Karen Randall already know to the readers
of this list has agreed to handle AGA books sales and in the future she
will be the focal point for this type of announcement -- Karen: I hope
that is OK :-)

 The membership of the AGA is truly is getting to be more
and more international. We have members in the following countries: U.S.,
Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Hong Kong and Italy. 

Unfortunately, I cannot respond to all of the great discussion that has
been recorded so far on aquatic plant digest. I hope to soon have more
time to be a regular contributor.

  For now, I only want to make a brief
mention to one other topic at this time -- AP brand laterite. 

 **These packages used to be sold by Aquarium Products (not Aquarium

  Finally, add my name to the others who have already
thanked Shaji for organizing this list and assuming the responsibility for
its administration.