Madesgasgar Lace (sp?)question

I am relatively new keeping fresh water plants.  I have a 55 g. planted tank
that seems to be doing well. The setup is: DIY yeast CO2, single tube tritons,
78 F., 7.1 PH, (7.4 PH before CO2), small (.125")natural gravel over a layer
of peat moss, moderate bio load, Penquin 300 filter.  Will the Madesgasgar
Lace plant do well under these conditions?
  How long of a dormancy period do they need?  How often?  Is it possible to
rotate two plants so that one was always in the tank and one in cool storage?
  The local shop has some very nice specimens and I am unsure whether to make
the plunge.
  Any tips including recommended reading appreciated.